What They Say About The Coast

A good friend just told me about streaming your station on: TheCoast @KOZT.com, he's been listening since the days of Web TV. I've been enjoying your music tonight. First was Van Morrison, then Tedeschi Truck Band Live, two of my favorites, right out of the shute. I'm pretty sure I'll be a regular. From the West Coast of Wisconsin, Thanks, David

My wife (nee Debbie Sindel) and I, both born/raised in Fort Bragg (graduated FBHS in 1972 and 1975) are streaming you now in Ankara, Turkey. I work here on a large pipeline project for Bechtel and we’ve enjoyed Turkey very much; I worked in Australia for several years before coming here and that was quite a culture-shock! Everywhere we’ve lived in the world it’s always great to listen to KOZT. We haven’t lived in FB for many years, though we hang onto a couple of acres there because we don’t know where we’ll end-up. The sun is going down here and it’s raining (still freezing some nights) - we hope you get some more rain there. We enjoy your programming very much and your announcers are always perfect for the moment. Please keep up the great work!
Thank you,  Roy Woodward

Hi to all. Just wanted to say a BIG thank you. It is 7pm here in Washington, Tyne&Wear, in the north east of England and I am happily tuned in to KOZT as has been my custom for many years now. My cousin Hugh Hamilton, formerly of Ocean Drive, Fort Bragg introduced me to you so long ago on my visits to FB and I have been a loyal listener ever since. Sadly Hugh died over 4 years ago but listening to you keeps alive so many treasured memories. (Sunday morning with The Beatles has always been unmissable!)  As far as I am concerned, your quality all round is way ahead of the field.  Thanks again and keep up the good work.  Best regards,  Alan Waugh

(PS my car proudly displays your bumper & window stickers which sure attract attention !!!)

Hello Coast! 
I live in Lexington, KY and am so glad I found your station again. You see, my wife and I honeymooned in the Mendocino County area 17 years ago and found The Coast driving from Hopland to Agate Cove Inn in Mendocino. We had a convertible and loved listening to your station while cruising the county. Jane and I kept saying, "Man, this is an awesome station! I wish we could have this back home." We have downloaded the app on our iPad and are listening now daily.
Keep on rockin' in the free world!
Jim and Jane

Happy Birthday to you all!!! I looked in my Funk & Wagnell to look up “Local Radio” and I found the following:
Lo-cal ra-di-o (lo’ kel ra’ de o) noun 1. relating to, situated in, or
providing a service for a particular area, especially the area near
home or work in a communication that takes place by means of
radio waves. 2. “The Coast” KOZT. 3. There is no other comparable definition.
Thanks for being independent and local, worthy of the first sounds in the morning and the last at night. I don’t think many understand what you provide our communities and our lives.  Long live the “The Coast”   Richard


I was in Fort Bragg about a year and a half ago on a business trip and discovered your station on the car radio. I was instantly hooked. This is my kind of radio! I live a little north of Seattle and listen on the net as often as possible. Truly the best radio station in the world! Thank you.  Mark from Seattle

Tom, Vicki, Kate & the Crew,  Thanks so very much for your support of the ARC. The PSA’s you guys did really helped kick our event in high gear. Before they started we were concerned about ticket sales. I know folks in Ukiah engage in last minute event ticket buying but still we were worried. After the PSA’s started the tickets started moving to the point we sold out twice. LOL. The UDJ also ran two articles as well. The word got out we were sold out and after a flurry of phone calls and we upped the dinner numbers a third time getting everyone in that wanted to come.  Food, music, auction items, wine were all very good. It event was a great event. I can only think of one event I have put together or been part of putting together that rivals this one for personal satisfaction and community response.   I haven’t reconciled all the expenses with the income yet but we will probably 3 or 4 times what our early expectations were. Best Wishes & Thanks again for all you do, Richard

I've gotten to the point where I can't "do radio" in this area because of the limited setlists, yucky commercials and the not so good songs played (Sierra Foothills). My solution is to get the tablet running Bluetooth to my old Marantz
2285B and listen to The Coast. Sometimes I get my little mp3 recorder going and record kozt and when I  drive, I listen to The Coast.  You folks have great music, wonderful DJs, a great community and  wonderful sponsors that I visit when we visit Ft. Bragg.  Keep up the good work!

Hey, Tom.   We're enjoying our usual Sunday morning ritual of sharing "Breakfast with the Beatles" with you, and wanted you to know how much we enjoy it, every week.  I assume that it could easily become tedious for you to do for all of these years, and wanted to send some "attaboys!" your way, just in case they can be of help.  KOZT in general is one of the things that make us feel FILTHY STINKING RICH just to be fortunate enough to live here, and listening to you present BwtBeatles is one of the key items that we appreciate about the station.  Thank you!  Deb (occasionally one of the Skunk Train conductors waving at you two) & Denny

G’day guys    I live in Sydney, Australia and listen to you all the time – great music!   Mike

Subject: World wide listening - Message: Been traveling: Japan,Thailand,Bali and India next. Lived on coast for thirty five years. Missing Mendo big time sometimes. Internet connection via KOZT helps during those times I wish I was there. Glad I'm here now glad your still there too.    js-meyer

Subject: Detroit listeners
Message: We have been listening to The Coast for well over a year now and I have to tell all of you.....The Coast is our go to radio station while we are working in our Soap studio. We listen from 6 am EDT right on through till 5:00. You guys make our day.......nothing out here in the Midwest can compare, a big Thanks to Russ, Regelski and Kate for your company and great music!!!!!. Michael DeMara and Marcia Makowski To see us go to Saponify Herbal Infused Soaps on Facebook.

Dear Tom (& the entire Coast crew): The show was so great last night… I am soooo glad I drive out from Clearlake Oaks to be a part of this historic moment in Coast music history. You explained it beautifully at the beginning, and I am in total agreement that it is time to turn the corner. I also like the concept on the Best of Local Licks Live volumes… I’ll buy them all as they come up!

I just wanted to give you a special thank you, and wish I had recognized you fast enough when you crimped my ticket… I would have given you a big hug!! You and everyone at KOZT have been a big part of my musical life for several years. When I was living in Mendocino Village several years ago, the radio was always on (even if I was watching TV) because something great might be played or some useful information might be shared. You guys are all the greatest!!!!

Now that I’m living in Clearlake Oaks, I can only get you on the computer, so I have to supplement with KDFC Classical. Thank goodness that station got saved three years ago! One day it was classical, and the next morning the format was not-so-great rock & roll. They are now a totally listener supported station with no commercials and have obtained radio signals to go all the way from Lake County down to the SF Bay Area as far south as San Jose. I guess if I can’t listen to you all the time, I’m getting the next best thing since no other rock & roll station compares with The Coast!

I also want to thank you for all the times you have helped me over the years getting online with the streaming every time you would have a change to the site. I don’t know how you do it, Tom, there aren’t enough hours in the day are there? I’ve always appreciated that you make a point of answering people’s e-mails and questions. Thank you for being there!!

Had a wonderful time and look forward to the next event that will entice me to drive out to the coast. Hope to see all of you again soon.  Sincerely,  Kate

Listing to guys on streaming audio here in Cape Town, South Africa. Great show.

Aloha Kate and everyone at the "Coast"; Very cool to win this awesome cd.
We are live streaming you here everyday. We are a very Mendocino type of community here in the Puna District of the Big Island. We love this small town, too. But our radio is nowhere, compared to your community minded, people minded brand of excellent music. Bravo to you.  Keaau, HI  Aloha Mendocino
Bill And Diana

Greetings from the UK   I just heard probably the best track I have heard for a very long time – Honey Bee by The Ride, as we would say here in Northwest England ‘absolutely bazzing’. Listening on my TV via the magic of t’internet.
Well done, keep up the good work.  Best wishes  Martin

Thanks for the tunes! Kickin it at work with the KOZT webcast all night…every night. I like how you throw away the covers and rip right into the heart of the (old) albums! If it weren’t for CDs, I can imagine squeaky vinyl shavings all of the floor. Keep it up!   BV  Fair Oaks, CA.

While passing thru your area in early July on a cross country bike tour I chanced upon your station and now that I am back home in Mobile, AL it is the only one I listen to. Thanks for streaming it online. The Coast is the best station I've ever heard. Living in Alabama I don't get the opportunity to listen to my old favorites such as Tom Rush, Boz Scaggs, Van Morrison, Jesse Colin Young, Jackson Browne, etc on the radio.  One can listen to "Free Bird" only so many times in life, and your morning show is such a pleasant alternative to the John Boy and Billy "Big Show" that saturates the Southeast. I had given up on radio and now you have restored my belief :)   I was stunned to hear one of my favorite all time songs, "Joshua Gone Barbados" by Tom Rush on your station. Actually, you are the only station I've ever heard Tom on. I told my friend in Pittsburgh about you and all my friends on Facebook. Thanks for the quality of programming you provide. Keep up the great work and thanks again.  Jerre Brimer

Subject: Streaming KOZT audio. Love it.
Message: We find ourselves listening more and more even though we reside in the SF Bay Area. So refreshing to hear real DJs and announcers in real time. No satellite fed playlists. I even enjoy the homespun ads. I was in Ft Bragg a few months ago and needed a car part. I went to the place that has the "no dumb questions" ad on your station.  Also, the streaming audio is flawless. Good sound, no glitches.  Keep up the good work.   Mark and Sara

hey guys - was just up in mendo and got turned on to your most incredible radio station!! gave up on the radio a long time ago because no one does it like that but you guys are amazing! makes me want to go live up there if everything is that crazy cool!  catch you soon and thanks for all the great tunes during our 3 day sojourn to the north country - jeff h.

I have no idea who owns KOZT or who decides what's broadcast but I want to thank them for the astonishingly great programming. I'm a 62 year old composer and musician (mostly contemporary classical music) who has lived part time in the Anderson Valley since 1972 and I am blown away daily by the range of your musical playlist. A couple of nights ago, you even played Cream's live recording of Spoonful, something I don't even know that KSAN in it's heyday would have played, being the whole side of an LP. But mostly I love the combination of the old, the new and the live recordings by an incredible range of artists. Whenever I have friends coming to the area, I tell them they gotta tune in to 95.3 to check out the most unformatted rock radio station I've ever heard. And believe me, I travel a lot all over the US and the world and I've never found anything like this station. Makes me proud to live in Mendocino.  Thanks, Paul

Ahoy The Coast ! Back in '08 I moved from Berkeley after 33 years. Hoped to move up to Mendocino area, but real life brought me to the mid-Atlantic, Roanoke specifically, to live with elderly (now 90 and 92) parentals. It's different here.  But thanks to my friend Tim in Kelseyville, I found The Coast. I listen via iTunes. Can only listen a few hours a week; I'm listening now to Peter Gabriel w/ Kate Bush. (9:55 am EDT, Sunday)  I don't know where I'll be going when I move again, but listening to KOZT calls my heart back to northern California.
Just want to say thanks. I'll survive being homesick, which you both catalyze and ease. If you know what I mean ...  Big love,  Candace

Message: KOZT is the best, most awesome station ! Here i am in Las Vegas & am amazed at how clear & beautiful tunes from the town i call home base sound here.      kloudhouses

A week ago, fled the pandemonium, the pain, the past, in my Escape Pod, landed in simmering summer Ukiah among peaceful people. Seeking aural resonance with the ground, sky, and wind, saw hawks tooling softly through a golden rosie sunset -- and found you on the airwaves. Dusk on 101, coming over the rise of a hill, scanning the signals and the music began to flow. Who are these people, riding this frequency so perfectly? Didn't know someone still cared to -- and could do -- radio like this.  I found you! You're mine! ;-))  Best regards, New Listener Christopher

Subject: Surreal   Message: Surreal experience. Sitting in a hotel in Taipei waiting for a typhoon to hit and steaming the Coast. Will be at Caspar beach in a couple of weeks and can't wait. 

Hello!!! KOZT!! Quick True story!!! Last Weekend I was In UPPER LAKE! I Just Have to Say That Every Year My Boyfriend & I Go We Fish & Swim We Love The Music You Give US!! It's Hands Down The best!! You know how to do it best!!
Honestly THANK YOU!!!! For Making the Good Memories and Setting the Tone for Our Vacation Time it's The best!! I have to admit That At this very moment!
I Am Listening on my Laptop Now in Oakland!!! it's a HOt summer night and i have a cold beer and YOU!!!! I'm HOOKED!! Hugging my Laptop!!!
We my boyfriend/ friends of mine could Never EVER Put Together a Playlist for an ipod the way YOU guys Do what you do!!! (We don't even have an ipod hahaa we are old fashion that way ) THANK YOU!!!!  You Really make my life Happy!!! it might seem corny but its Amazing what touches the Soul & What you do is Magic Thanks For sharing it with all of us Floating out here!!!!  Grateful, Amy D.

The Coast is the reason why I don't use my Pandora account. I could set up a Pandora station/playlist but YOUR choices in music are better than what I can put together. Need a Coast Card!  You rock!!! .../MK Santa Rosa, CA